We’re a full-service advertising agency and part of the TBWA-network – one of the best and most awarded networks in the world. Worldwide, TBWA has over 300 offices in 99 countries. In the Nordics there are four. In Sweden, there's one. This one. 

The TBWA network manages and nurtures some of the biggest and most reputable brands in the world. Being part of it means having access to invaluable resources, methodologies and learnings from nearly every conceivable category.    

For more information, contact our CEO:
Kalle Widgren, +46 708 541063.



One of the world's largest manufacturer of trucks. Sweden’s state railway. The cars with Vorsprung durch Technik. A revolutionary anti-waste startup. One of the country’s leading hardware retailers. Two of the market leading juice brands.
The list goes on...

Our experience spans a wide range of categories and clients. 

Current relationships include: Adidas, Audi, Bring, Brämhults Juice, Fortum, God Morgon Juice, ICA Banken, K-Rauta, Matsmart, Michelin, Mind, Nissan, Scania, SJ, Stockholm Gas and Unicef.



Backslash is our global editorial and cultural strategy unit, as well as our agile content studio, designed to inform and inspire the network, our clients and partners about culture as it happens. It is powered by TBWA’s global network of Culture Spotters. If you want to get a daily dose, you'll find highlights on Instagram!





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